Mobile coverage and fixed broadband checker

Check predicted mobile coverage and fixed broadband speed and availability by postcode

This system is under continual development, and as such features and enhancements may be introduced or withdrawn without notice. This website currently does not employ encryption for the main map query screen, however information submitted within the feedback forms is protected in transit using Transport Layer Security encryption.

This map uses signal level predictions provided by the four UK mobile network operators. Ofcom has tested actual coverage in various locations around the UK, and used the results to set the thresholds for voice calls used on the map. We will continue to conduct testing, work with the mobile operators and analyse consumer feedback with a view to improving the accuracy of the map. The map may differ from those provided by the network operators; see the FAQ below for reasons why.

This checker uses data provided by the UK's major Internet Service Providers in June 2015 to calculate average speeds. Average Standard Broadband speeds are calculated from broadband connections operated at that date by the major ISPs with line speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s. Average Superfast Broadband speeds are calculated from connections they operated at that date with line speeds between 30 and 300 Mbit/s. Superfast and Ultrafast Broadband availability is based on data from May 2015 and also includes data provided by five alternative network providers - Service availability has increased in subsequent months. The checker should not be regarded as providing a definitive view and we plan to update the data later in the year. We have made the data available for download: