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Local TV coverage map 2011

Map showing indicative UK local TV coverage information

This map contains Office for National Statistics & Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland boundary data; © Crown copyright

About this map

This interactive map identifies locations where local broadcast services might be technically possible. Click on these locations to see the kind of coverage that might be achieved by local TV services.

These locations are based on a purely theoretical analysis of transmitter sites and the available spectrum. The actual coverage achieved in each location will depend on how closely the final technical arrangement matches our assumptions, which are listed in the accompanying report.

For a map of the locations that have been awarded licences and the services that have started transmitting, please go to the Comux website http://www.localtv.org.uk/where-will-it-be.
The information on DPSA population shown on these pages may be out of date. Ofcom’s current DPSA predictions can be found in our Note for Applicants on Coverage of Local Television website : http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/tv/local-tv/coverage/coverage-note.pdf

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